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The Notre Dame ACE Academy

A sustainable, scalable formation and support model to increase the number of quality Catholic school options in underserved and marginalized communities

Our Model

The unique Catholic school support model employed by the Notre Dame ACE Academies university-school partnership emphasizes continuous improvement in the multiple dimensions of schooling, including Catholic school culture, advancement, and teaching and learning.

Catholic School Culture

  • Catholic identity forms the bedrock of all efforts and operations in the school. Every other aspect of the school depends on its Catholic identity.

Operational Vitality

  • The Notre Dame ACE Academies model emphasizes support from parental choice scholarships and benefits from the mobilization of the resources of ACE and partnering dioceses. 

Teaching and Learning

  • Effective use of best practices, supported by the strong and positive school culture and the knowledge and expertise of the Notre Dame team, ensures all students reach their greatest potential.

Through targeted efforts in each of these areas, Notre Dame ACE Academies partnerships address multiple dimensions of education, including curriculum, instruction, professional development, financial management, marketing, leadership, governance, and learning environment. The Notre Dame ACE Academies model also emphasizes support from parental choice scholarships and benefits from the mobilization of the resources of ACE and partnering dioceses.

Our Schools

Please contact schools directly to find out more about enrolling your son or daughter at a Notre Dame ACE Academy.

St. Luke Catholic School - A Notre Dame ACE AcademySt. Luke provides a Catholic education of the highest quality within a safe and nurturing environment. We seek to engage your children both intellectually and spiritually, putting them on the path to College and Heaven.

Mrs. Diann Bacchus, Principal - email

Contact St. Luke

Respecting the dignity of the individual and sensitive to the needs of a diverse population, Saint Anthony of Padua School, a community grounded in the Catholic faith, seeks to inspire its students to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and reach their fullest potential spiritually, academically, and socially.

Mrs. Kathleen Wolf, Principal- email

Contact St. Anthony

St. Augustine School promotes a culture of respect and spiritual growth. We strive to become our best selves and lead by Jesus' example.

Mrs. Evarista Howski, Principal - email

Contact St. Augustine

The educational environment within the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland is focused on academic excellence and personal growth. Our schools are welcoming to those who seek to learn and grow in a Christian environment.

Ms. Portia Gadson, Principal - email

Queen of Apostles participates in the educational ministry that Jesus entrusted to His Church. It supports the family in the task of nurturing Christian growth by challenging its children to live the gospel values while providing a quality academic program.

Mr. John Hargen, Principal - email

Contact Queen of Apostles

Rosary Cathedral Catholic School helps students develop their unique personalities in an atmosphere permeated with a Christian presence so they might live out the call of Christ. We provide models as well as opportunities to interact with children of all races, religions, and cultures.

Mr. Justin Combs, Principal - email

Contact Rosary Cathedral


Notre Dame ACE Academies - Support

Catholic education is the responsibility of the entire Catholic community. You have several opportunities to join in the mission of the Notre Dame ACE Academies and support the children Notre Dame ACE Academies serve.

Volunteer at a Notre Dame ACE Academies school

Schools thrive on the support of the broader community. Notre Dame ACE Academies welcome the service of all those in the community committed to the success of their students. Notre Dame alumni, for example, have tutored students, built cubbies, and catalogued libraries. Contact a Notre Dame ACE Academies school to see how your gifts and talents can support the education of a child.

Contribute to Notre Dame ACE Academies directly

For general information about the Notre Dame ACE Academies, please email, and for information on tax credit scholarships, contact Geoff Smitham at or 574-631-0798. 

Our Partners

Notre Dame ACE Academies - Hilton FoundationThank you to our national network partner, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, as well as our numerous regional partners that help us provide an excellent education to as many children as possible!

For more information on partnering with the Notre Dame ACE Academies, contact Geoff Smitham, School and Program Finance Manager of the ACE Leadership Programs, at or 574-631-0798.

The Team