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Announcement: #SeeWhereACETakesYou Spring 2023 Series

Join us for our monthly #SeeWhereACETakesYou Webinar Series which highlights ACE graduates and their professional and personal journeys after serving for two-years with ACE Teaching Fellows. Learn from ACE graduates how their time in the classroom prepared them for their professional lives as educators, lawyers, doctors, engineers, consultants, and everything in between! 


The series features a panel of ACE graduates and incoming ACE teachers. We focus on their paths to and from ACE, as well as highlight particular experiences that impacted their decision to pursue this path. Check out the highlights from last year's series.

We encourage you to look for topics that align with your personal interests and watch the recordings to learn more!





 Teaching (Sept. 2021)

Education Opportunities (Feb. 2021)

Teaching (Sept. 2020)

Coaching & Athletics

Community in & beyond the Classroom (Mar. 2022)
Athletics & Coaching (Mar. 2021)

Education Leadership, Law, & Policy

Education Leadership, Policy, & Research (Oct. 2021)

Leadership & Mentorship (Mar. 2021)

Education Policy & Leadership (Sept. 2020)

Faith & Service

Service & Spirituality (Mar. 2022)

Faith & Ministry (Mar. 2021)

Service & Immersion (Feb. 2021)

STEM & Business

Engineering, STEM, & Medicine (Sept. 2022)

Engineering, STEM, & Medicine (Oct. 2021)

Business (Nov. 2020)

Engineering & STEM (Sept. 2020)

Graduate Studies

Further Graduate Studies (Sept. 2021)

Medicine (Oct. 2020)


Further Graduate Studies (Oct. 2020)

Additional Videos

Current ACE Teacher Panel (Nov. 2022)

Application Tips (Oct. 2022)

Graduates Panel (Oct. 2022)

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