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How to Apply

Thanks for your interest in becoming an ACE Teacher! Applications are available beginning September 6, 2016. The application deadline is January 24, 2017.


After reviewing the Application Instructions, click on Begin Your Application. Once you create a username and password, submit all required information electronically. Completed applications and required materials must be submitted by January 24, 2017.

 The application consists of four parts:

Part 1: Online Application

    1. Biographical information and photo
    2. Educational background
    3. Personal statement
    4. Four (4) short-answer responses
    5. Updated resume

Part 2: Transcript
Please upload your transcript to your ACE Application. 

Part 3: Four reference letters

    1. You will need to obtain references from 2 professors, 1 peer, and 1 rector, residence hall director, campus minister, or service project leader who can attest to your success in living and working in a community atmosphere.
    2. References include the following:
      1. An evaluation of eight character traits successful ACE Teachers possess (Growth Mindset, Zeal, Self-Awareness, Servant Leadership, Integrity, Accountability, & Hunger for Spiritual Growth)
      2. A letter of reference
    3. You will be asked to provide the name and contact information of each reference in the online application. An electronic request will automatically be sent to each reference so that he or she might submit all materials online. If a reference lacks email capability, the application will direct you on how to submit the materials by mail.

Part 4: GRE
You will need to take the general GRE test by January 24, 2017, and forward your score to the Notre Dame Graduate School. The school code for the University of Notre Dame is #1841.


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Providing high-quality educational opportunities for the under-served and forming leaders to meet that call, ACE Teaching Fellows work tirelessly to provide a witness of hope.

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