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How to Apply

Thanks for your interest in becoming an ACE Teacher! Our application deadline has passed.

If you are a rising college senior who is interested in the ACE Interns/Ambassadors program, you can start your application here or request more information below.


 The ACE Teaching Fellows application consists of four parts:

Part 1: Online Application

    1. Biographical & Educational Info
    2. Program Upload
    3. Updated Resume
    4. Photo

Part 2: Unofficial Transcript
Please upload your unofficial transcript to your ACE Application. 

Part 3: Four reference letters

    1. You will need to obtain references from 2 professors, 1 peer, and 1 rector, residence hall director, campus minister, or service project leader who can attest to your success in living and working in a community atmosphere.
    2. References include the following:
      1. An evaluation of the five dispositions successful ACE Teachers possess (Zeal, Coachability, Persistence, Servant Leadership, & Hunger for Spiritual Growth)
      2. A letter of reference
    3. You will be asked to provide the name and contact information of each reference in the online application. An electronic request will automatically be sent to each reference so that he or she might submit all materials online. If a reference lacks email capability, the application will direct you on how to submit the materials by mail.

Part 4: GRE
You will need to take the general GRE test and forward your score to the Notre Dame Graduate School. The school code for the University of Notre Dame is #1841.

Application Announcements

Fee Waiver

- Under the “Additional Questions” section of the application, when asked if you will be paying your application fee with a waiver click “Yes.” When prompted, enter the code “ACE32.”

Early Decision Policy

- We understand that applicants might require an expedited decision concerning their admission into ACE Teaching Fellows. We are happy to perform an early review of an application if the candidate provides written documentation outlining the reason for their request. Please contact Mike Comuniello (, 574-631-6561) for more information.



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