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The Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program prepares transformational school leaders who make God known, loved, and served by implementing rigorous academic programs, managing school resources, and building robust Catholic school communities.

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Three Dimensions of School Leadership

The Remick Leadership Program has designed a curriculum that introduces three core dimensions of school leadership and emphasizes their relationship with each other. Remick Leaders gain skills in these areas during the first summer session and then receive opportunities to apply and deepen their mastery over two school years and two additional summer sessions. 

  • Instructional Leadership

    Remick Leaders learn the leadership skills necessary to ensure effective teaching and learning school-wide. Leaders develop the capacity to make mission-driven, data-informed decisions that will strengthen student achievement

  • Executive Management

    Remick Leaders learn the executive management skills necessary to support school improvement and achieve educational excellence. Leaders learn organizational, operational, and resource management skills.

  • School Culture

    Remick Leaders learn the concepts and skills needed to build a school-wide culture of achievement aligned to the school’s vision of success for every student. Leaders develop a framework for creating and sustaining a strong, positive, intentional school culture aligned with the mission, vision, beliefs, and values of school leaders.

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